Book 6- Damaged & Dangerous

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She’s Damaged…

Dani Broussard never imagined that her life would turn out like this. She always thought that her grandfather would be there for her into adulthood and that her high school sweetheart, Jared, would be the man she would marry. That isn’t what happened though. Instead, her grandfather got sick and passed away before Dani saw the age of nineteen. It was just her and Jared until he hooked up with a local MC, The Suicide Kings… Then it was just her. Pig-Pen claimed her body, rules her life, but he would never hold her heart. Kept because of her looks and a particular set of skills unique only to her, Dani has been with The Suicide Kings for the last three years… three long damaging years. She hates it, all of it, the pain the humiliation, the fear… and as strong as Dani is, as clever as she can be, she is quickly finding that death may be the kinder, gentler option rather than live through any more of this hell.

He’s Dangerous…

Red-XIII is, and always will be, a Sacred Hearts man. But for now, he’s a Suicide Kings prospect. Tasked with providing intelligence on the King’s inner workings to his real club, Thirteen has been slowly, quietly and carefully dismantling the King’s operation from the inside out. The situation is dangerous, good thing Thirteen is a dangerous guy but even he can’t be everywhere at once and a couple of missteps have cost the Sacred Hearts dearly. Doubly determined to finish this with no more wreckage or damage to the SHMC, Thirteen is blindsided by his heart when he lays eyes on Dani. A pretty, little thing with long black hair and striking blue eyes. She slays him with one look from her damaged soul and now Thirteen has tasked himself with two missions… Take down The Suicide Kings and get both Dani and himself out alive.

For now those missions run parallel to each other but what happens if they ever end up at odds? The bigger question is, how can he get close to the VP’s Ol’ Lady as a Prospect and not get them both burned?

It had surprised the hell out of me, the order to bring Dani to my crib, but I took it for the damned blessing it was and got her the hell out of there. It had caught me off guard for sure, but I couldn’t and wouldn’t be sorry. I was grateful now that the place had no electricity because it had given me the perfect excuse to give the place a good once over to hide anything Sacred Hearts related before I let her in. Everything was hidden safely in my secret stash, which she would have to be pretty damned industrious to find the trap door, not to mention off-the-charts intelligent, plus she’d have to be actively looking for it, and she had no reason to.

Right now she was sleeping peacefully, her head on my shoulder, arm across my chest. I loved how snug and tight she’d fitted her body against me, her leg over both of mine. I had an arm curved protectively around her body, my free hand high up on her thigh beneath the covers. She felt so amazing and just so right, up against me like this. Tomorrow I would have to let her go and it was the thing keeping me awake, long into the night. Nothing but the shadows flickering across the cabin’s ceiling to keep me company while Dani slept, oblivious.

I’d deliberately taken things slow with her, and she’d been so incredibly giving of herself, and brave. I admired her spirit more with every choice encounter that we managed to have together. I know it was ridiculously dangerous to let her get under my skin like this but I was a dangerous guy. Still, cockiness had gotten more than one guy like me dead and the more I looked at her big picture the more acutely aware I was that I really couldn’t afford to be cocky. That if I were gone, she’d have no one to look after her. I mean, yeah, she’d done a halfway decent job on her own up until now and I was pretty sure, with as smart as she was, she had some kind of stash or exit strategy in place if the opportunity presented itself, but I had no idea what my brothers had done. My real brothers that is.

Whatever it was it involved Ace and Deuce, Gordy had said Sacred Hearts had ‘em pinned down. I’d passed along that the twins were going on a run and whatever other info I’d had on it to D I wasn’t sure if D had told Grinder’s bros or not. I was square in the dark on what was going on, on that side of things. I sighed softly. With Dani here it wasn’t like I could pick up the phone and touch base, so for now I just had to play it by ear and adapt as I went along.

“What are you thinking about so hard?” she asked and I tried to look down at her which … no dice at this angle and I damn sure didn’t want to move her. She was comfortable and so was I, so I just settled back, head on my pillows and smiled to myself. Little shit hadn’t been asleep at all.

“I don’t want to take you back to him,” I said and she chuckled bitterly.

“I know, but it has to happen. Do you regret prospecting for them yet?” she asked.

I kissed the top of her head, “Hell naw, not when it brought me to you.” She sighed out and was quiet for a very long time.

“You make me feel safe,” she finally murmured, and the words sounded almost like a confession from her lips.

“I’m glad,” I said, and smiled. I kissed the top of her head again. Her hair was like silk against my lips and the feel of it was sort of addicting. Hell, she was addicting. My perfect drug.

“It’s not safe, though, for either of us. I’ve put you in terrible trouble with them if they ever find out. I swear I won’t tell. No matter how drunk or high he gets, no matter how much he hurts me. I promise not to tell any of them about this.” She sniffed and one of her tears dripped wet down my ribs. I held her tighter.

“Shhhhh,” I soothed and she sobbed gently against my chest, clinging to me.

“You don’t understand. They’ll kill you if they find out. I know, they’ve done it before. Which is why this can never happen again.” She drew in a breath to keep talking but I stopped her.

“Dani, stop. We haven’t gone back yet, you’re not with them, you’re with me, and until I have to take you back that makes you mine. If I only get you for one night, then damn it, I want it to just be about you and me and fuck the rest of the guys. Okay?” she laughed brokenly through her tears and nodded.

“Okay,” she agreed and I silently held her, stroking her soft skin until she fell back asleep. Only this time, when she went, I went with her.


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