Book 5- Fractured & Formidable

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She’s Fractured…

Mandy Price is best friends with Everett, the Ol’ Lady to the Sacred Heart’s VP, and roommates with them both… No one would guess that the preacher’s daughter could have such a dark secret, but Mandy had a big one. The product of a broken childhood, Mandy lives a fractured existence. She maintains the outward appearance of normalcy, that everything is just fine, when nothing could be further from the truth. Ever the dutiful daughter, she returns to her father’s church and his table every Sunday. Trouble is, things are growing worse not better as Mandy grows into her own. It’s becoming harder and harder to maintain appearances on a daily basis and Mandy is definitely feeling the strain.

He’s Formidable…

Revelator has had his eye on the innocent redhead from the moment he first saw her. Too much has been getting in the way of him pursuing the angel, prospecting for the club taking up just too damned much of his time. He was fully patched now, still, just when he was getting ready to make a move, that’s when his shop came down around his ears. Faced with rebuilding from the ground up, he’s decided that if he has to start from the beginning, he might as well go all in. If starting over is what has to happen then the life he plans on building from here on out definitely has his Red by his side and no one else’s.

It doesn’t take Rev long to find out what his girl is hiding, and when he does, someone is going to find out just how formidable he can be, not just in body, but in mind and with his brother’s backing…


“Autumn Amanda Price!” my father shouted and I froze. I turned just in time for him to grab me, shaking me by the shoulders.

“Get your hands off me!” I shouted at the same time he was screaming something about me being ungrateful and disrespectful I shouted back, giving no quarter.

“Me disrespectful! How about you!? Up there preaching God’s word every Sunday but do you actually practice anything that you…” his hand flashed out of nowhere in a wicked open handed backhand that caught me right in the mouth. I let my head snap to the side with the blow. You went with it and it typically left just a red handprint it’s when you braced against it you got bruised.

“Jim!” my mother cried, dismayed and jumped back, her eyes fixed over my shoulder. My dad looked up and he turned several shades darker red than he’d already been and I turned too, to see Zander striding up the sidewalk and across our grass the devil’s own fire in his eyes, his car parked down the block driver’s door swinging wide.

“Zander no!” I cried dropping my binders to the walk, abandoning them to the grass, I put both hands to his chest and pushed but it was like trying to stop a juggernaut. Once it was in motion… he stopped though, chest heaving and stared my dad down for a minute over my shoulder before turning his eyes on me. My expression must have been frozen into one of sheer desperation because his look softened.

“Red, you okay Baby?” He cradled my face in his hands, his thumb gently grazing my lip, I jolted at the raw sting of it and his expression darkened. He pointed at my dad.

“You touch her again I will fucking break you!” Zander snarled. My dad drew himself up to his full height which was taller than Zander, of course, but then again I was taller than Zander. I blinked. Zander was here. On my parent’s front lawn.

It dawned on me just then and I found myself blurting “Zander! What are you doing here!?”

He returned those warm brown eyes to mine and his mouth compressed into a thin line. He pulled me into the shelter of his arms, my hands still pressed flat to the slick leather of his motorcycle vest, the name patch that read ‘Revelator’ rough beneath my fingers.

“I told you, Red, not disappearing on you again.” He gave me a watery version of that devilish grin, the chip in his tooth both endearing and menacing at the same time but he’d lost some of the tightly coiled rage when he’d taken me into his arms.

“Just who are you!?” my father demanded, Zander turned a rough look in his direction.

“I’m the guy who’s gonna fuck up your entire world if you ever lay a hand on your kid or your wife again,” he said.


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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