Book 3- Hunter’s End

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The war was over, but the nightmare of it lingered. It would pale in comparison to the nightmare that was about to begin. At first, Evan Jennings thought it was a dream, locked in a cage with a beautiful woman, but then the maniac in black showed up. It was obvious he wanted something from the girl, but what did he want with Evan?

Macy had been a lone wolf for a long time. Never really fitting in when it came to any pack structure, she’d spent most of her life blending with the human population. Her knack for choosing when to shift rather than having it dictated by the phases of the moon made it easy for herΒ until Matthew showed up.

How was she supposed to know that Matthew was actually The Hangman, Mathias Young? Now she was here, locked in a cage with a hapless human male who had no idea what the real monsters looked like, or that she was one of them.

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