Book 2 – Broken & Burned

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He’s Broken…

Dray, Vice President of the Sacred Hearts MC, watched his mother die in a bloody hail of bullets at the tender age of sixteen. It broke something inside of him and he’s been pretty much pissed off at the world ever since. Worse, he’s done things since that time that have just broken down his soul even further… Dray doesn’t want to be that guy anymore. Then came Everett Moran…

She’s Been Burned…

Evy is having one of the worst days in the history of, well… ever, and she’s seen a lot of rough days. Raised an only child of a single father, Everett finds herself an orphan before she’s even old enough to drink. She knows a thing or two about loss and thanks to her boyfriend, she’s had more than a few lessons in hardship too. Still, she moves through life with a single minded determination to make her circumstances better… She harbors no illusions about life being anything other than what it is, so how in the hell could she have been so blind as to what her boyfriend Jerry was doing!?

Could the worst day of Everett’s life actually turn out to be the best thing to ever happen to her when she pulls into Dray’s garage? Could Everett’s arrival on Dray’s doorstep herald a new beginning for Dray, and heal some of his broken?


“Want a beer?” I asked holding mine out to her. She pushed off the wall, her steel blue eyes never leaving mine and plucked the beer from my hand, wrapping her lips around where mine had just been and the way she did it… I shuddered. Why was that the hottest fucking thing I had ever seen in my life? She swallowed slowly, deliberately and I couldn’t tell if my blood was running hot or cold anymore.

What I did know was my cock was stiff to the point of pain. She knew it too. Her lips quirking up on one side she said, “Go sit down. I’ll make dinner.” I nodded slowly and wondered when the hell I’d been upstaged.

I pulled out a chair at the table and sat down. I could watch her prance around my kitchen in what passed for her PJ’s every night of the week and twice on Sunday. She went to the fridge and brought out another beer and held it up with a questioning look. I smiled.

“Stop being such a tease and bring me my damn beer!” I joked and she laughed. She twisted off the top and held it out to me and some of the sexual tension eased off a little bit. I took the bottle from her hand careful not to brush fingers and found myself wondering if she were as wet as I was hard. She made a great show of bending over and rifling through the refrigerator giving me an exceptional view of those long sinful dancer’s legs of hers.

I drank some of my beer and decided two could play at this game. She started washing some vegetables at the sink and I crept up behind her, right behind her. She was smiling this secret little victorious smile and I couldn’t resist fucking with her. I pulled her back by her hips roughly against my body and she gave out a surprised little yip that turned into this sultry moan. I slid a hand down the front of her body and let it dip below the waistband of her boxer shorts.

Oh God, yeah. She kept her pussy smooth, shaved, just the way I liked it! The little game we were playing momentarily tipped in her favor until I could get a grip. Her breath caught and she closed her eyes, shuddering against me. I dipped a finger into her folds and teased at her clit for a moment before plunging my index finger up inside her.

God she was wet. Her silky heat inviting and tight, oh I’d have her writhing beneath me all right. Someday, some night… all night. For now, I wanted to indulge myself a little. I pulled my hand from her shorts and backed up abruptly. She stumbled, catching herself at the edge of the sink and turned around, her eyes dilated with arousal. She watched, aching, wanting as I brought my fingers to my lips and sucked her essence off of them. She tasted like fresh rain and springtime. I smiled slowly, and I know it was a little cruel but she had asked for it.

“I like my dessert first,” I said in my low sexy growl and relished that it had the desired effect. Her jaw dropped open and I winked at her. She stood dumbfounded, her pink lips slightly pouty when I picked up my beer and took myself beyond the dining room into the living room. I needed space. I needed distance and I needed it now or I was going to fuck her on my kitchen counter.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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