Book 1- Shattered & Scarred


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She’s Shattered…

Ashton Granger is a perfect wife to her husband. She has to be, if she’s not, he will find a way to correct any perceived imperfections. Such is life, and so it has been for a very long time, eroding Ashton’s sense of self, cracking her sense of worth until she lays in a million pieces on the side of a stretch of lonely highway.

He’s Scarred…

Ethan “Trigger man” Howard is the Sergeant of Arms for The Sacred Hearts Motor Cycle club. After several tours as a Marine Corps sniper overseas, he’s seen and done enough damage for a man three times his age. He’s out. Done. So over it, and home to nurse his wounds, physical, emotional and psychological with the help of his MC brothers. Now he simply deals with the scars that life handed him.

Was it more than just luck for he and Ashton both that he was the only other soul traveling that isolated stretch of highway that night?

“When did this get awkward?” he asked and I swallowed a mouthful of the sweet alcohol and shrugged.

“Probably about the time I admitted how long it’s been since my husband wanted to have sex with me,” I nudged the carpet with one of my toes noting the white polish of the French manicure was chipped. Chadwick had me do it because the shoes he’d selected for the charity dinner we’d attended were open toed. Usually I did my own polish and he didn’t care but he’d wanted French tips and so I had done them that way.

“Ashton, where did you go?” Ethan’s gentle voice popped me back to the present.

“What?” I asked.

“I said ‘yeah but we all know he’s an idiot’ and suddenly you just weren’t there,” he said. I frowned.

“I was thinking about my nail polish,” I confessed, he was confused so I explained, he sighed.

“We gotta get you some new memories, some good memories,” he said.

“I have some,” I smiled.

“Yeah? Name one,” he said and dropped onto the end of the couch. I went over and curled up on the cushion next to him and took a drink of my wine cooler. He took a drink of his beer.

“When you kissed me,” I said finally and he looked at me, really looked at me…


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