Sneak Peek! Cracked & Crushed The Sacred Hearts MC Book III

  Coming Soon… December of 2014   Cracked & Crushed   Synopsis:   He’s Cracked…   Reaver has always been a little weird, a little strange, okay MORE than a little of each. His psyche cracked right down the middle a long time ago. He holds the official title of ‘Treasurer’ for the Sacred Hearts … [Read more…]

Worst Booklaunch Ever

So yesterday was a real treat… Thank you amazon! As most of you know, I hit the publish button at 21:30PST Monday night but for some reason there were significant publication delays world wide for the release of Broken & Burned and it didn’t go through State Side and in the UK until almost 24hrs … [Read more…]

Cover reveal – Broken & Burned The Sacred Hearts MC Book II

He’s Broken… Dray, Vice President of the Sacred Hearts MC, watched his mother die in a bloody hail of bullets at the tender age of sixteen. It broke something inside of him and he’s been pretty much pissed off at the world ever since. Worse, he’s done things since that time that have just broken … [Read more…]

It’s been a minute…

So I figured I’d post something so you wouldn’t think I was dead. So… I’m not dead. I’ve just been busy, you know… writing and stuff. Mostly I have been working on this novella that comes between books three and four of The Sacred Hearts MC series but fore the last couple of minutes I’ve been … [Read more…]

Writer’s advice… Love the contraction… be one with the contraction!

Now when I say contraction I’m speaking in the literary sense, meaning the shortening of a word or words. I’m not talking about going into labor here. I’m (see what I did there?) also talking about it, more specifically, as it applies to dialogue. One of the things I notice, and am extremely self conscious … [Read more…]