Okay, pull up a seat. Let’s talk.

We’re going to talk about the part of writing a book series no one really tells you about before you do this stupid shit thing and become an author.
Now, you all know that the SHMC and the Sacred Brotherhood are essentially one series. We are officially at thirteen books and one novella, so fourteen books into this series that I have been writing since 2014.
2014, y’all.
I have been through some shit with these boys. Four long years of hard slog through happiness, through tears, through maddening disagreements, angst, drama, and wanting nothing but the best for these boys… especially for one.
Now I’m finally here and I’m telling you. This is the hardest book I have ever had to write.
It’s killing me. It’s ripping my guts out, causing me to burst into random, uncontrollable sobbing, making me ache and turning me into the moodiest bitch. Seriously – I don’t know if I am gonna make it out of this one unscathed. My roommate and my fiance would probably like to smoother my ass with a pillow in my sleep by now, but I digress…
This shit ain’t easy and I don’t know that I can do it. There aren’t many of you that have read me from the beginning, as in picked up Shattered & Scarred when it was brand new and the only book out.
This is probably the loneliest I’ve ever felt as an author and it’s taking an ugly toll on my mental and emotional health. I know you want this book. I understand you’re dying for it, but please be patient with me because I am pretty sure it’s somehow killing me to write it. This isn’t easy this time around. I’m struggling and I promise, as soon as I have a release date, I will share it.
I have to set some boundaries, unfortunately. I don’t mind people politely asking me questions in PM. I had a lovely lady ask very politely about a release date last night, apologizing the entire time for bothering me, which she wasn’t.
I am totally okay with that.
I’m not okay with anyone telling me to hurry my ass up. I’m not a machine (and Dragon says ‘fuck you, yah uppity cunt.’ His words, and not going to lie, mine too.) This is four long years of my life I am trying to bring to a satisfying conclusion. That’s not easy. Goodbyes never are.
I don’t have a release date. I never do until a book comes out of editing. This one has around 30k to go before it can even head to editing. Sorry ladies, there won’t even be a beta process for this one, and you know I don’t do ARC’s very often. I’ve been trying to loosen up on that, but not with this one.
You’ll get it as soon as I can get it to you. I promise you that. So, can you all cut me some slack, please? Just a little, just this once. I’m trying to breathe through the pain of bringing this entire thing to a close.

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  1. Beth James

    Being an avid reader that loves all of the stuff you’ve written so far, I feel like I should apologize for the rude bitches that treat you like a story machine. I’m not going to say that I haven’t been impatiently rude in my head when I’m waiting for the next book in series that I love, but I would never actually say the mean things that go through my head. I’m pretty sure it’s called “being an adult” and having a filter. You should get an assistant to go through your social media and weed out all of the rude comments. You don’t need that kind of aggravation. You work at whatever speed works for you. Personally, I’d rather have a good story slow than a shitty story fast.

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