Work In Progress…

I’m currently working on A Code Blue Call which is yet-to-be-decided on where it falls in the series number wise but is most definitely being written out of order.

I know a lot of people are thinking (and whining just a little, admit it) ‘But what about Dragon?’ and the truth is, I’m dealing with some writer’s block when it comes to his book.

I think it has to do with a few things. One, I am enjoying writing in the Indigo Knights series just too much. Two, I really don’t want the Sacred Hearts to end and Dragon is most def the last in line; and three, he’s a stubborn asshole, or rather his lady is, and I haven’t gotten much out of her other than her name and profession.

The deck is stacked against me when it comes to that book. I want to get it right. So, for now, I write in the world where the characters are a little more welcoming and forthcoming.

I’ll get to it, though. Trust me. Just give me some time.

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