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Please, stop undervaluing an authors work. “Why, whatever do you mean? I love my authors/my work.” Then start acting like it. *more confused bluster* Here, let me explain… I had a conversation the other day with my co-author Jeffrey Cook and it went something like this: Me I have 2 preorders for Glass City already. … [Read more…]

The ‘zon is at it again…

This time they’ve decided to help you out and hide some of your reviews when it comes to your favorite authors. This came across my Facebook feed today and you really should read it. Elizabeth Joy: ATTENTION: A New Anti-Erotica Change to Amazon’s Policies If you’re wondering what this means, I’m going to sum up … [Read more…]

It’s finally here!

Biker Chicks: An Anthology of Hot MC Romance Release Date: February 14th 2016 Blurb   Bikers, the ultimate alpha males. But what of women who ride? These sexy independent road warriors shirk the conventions of lady-like behavior and live life by their own terms – wild and free.   BIKER CHICKS is full of sexy … [Read more…]