Male authors in romance and erotica.

Some unique opportunities have come my way lately. I am about to, in the next few weeks, embark on a co-written project with Jeffrey Cook, but before I could get there, I ran smack into another co-writing project with Thomas Stone. So, as of yesterday, along with Thomas, I put about 5,000 words to the … [Read more…]

So much to do… so little time…

So, book four of the SHMC series, Tattered & Torn launches tomorrow. *Yay!*   Sending one of these suckers out into the world is and always will be fairly difficult. It’s not just for me but for any author really. You send your bouncing baby book out into the world and hope against hope you … [Read more…]

Hot Button Series – Issue 2 – Prima Donna Retardation

Maybe it’s just me, maybe all the romance authors are PMSing at once, I don’t know… but yesterday as I lay, surfing my couch wallowing in the misery that was Seattle’s non-stop dump of it’s special brand of liquid sunshine, I read a bunch of shit on Facebook, a bunch of shit that had me … [Read more…]

Hot Button Series – Issue 1 – Newbie Authors Pay Attention!

So I’ve been writing a new book but that doesn’t keep me from lurking and I’ve seen a few of the great debates and even a new one come up the last few days causing a bit of a dust up. Nothing major. Still, I figured it was high time for one of my opinionated … [Read more…]

Pssst… Hey guys! It’s Monday Update!

So FYI, I’ve been down for the count most of this week… but that doesn’t mean I’ve been completely out. I see Bibi Rizer was here and kept you company while I was gone! Excellent! What Bibi forgot to tell you was that you reeeeeeeaaaaaaallly want to buy Objectify Me because it ties directly in … [Read more…]