Author Bibi Rizer Takes Over

Mwa ha ha ha (evil laugh). AJ Has given me permission to occupy her blog while she’s away. So of course I’m just going to share my excitement about my upcoming March 1st release: I’m super excited to share the details of the next book in my fun and sexy series, the Fireworks Novellas: Objectify … [Read more…]

The most depressing Monday Update ever.

This last week sucked hard, not just because I didn’t get anything done but more because I spent almost the entire week bouncing like a pinball between Urgent Care, two different ER’s and a Specialist. So far I am somewhere between a diagnosis of MS and Lymphoma but truthfully, I don’t think any of them … [Read more…]

Monday, Monday, Monday… time for an update!

Monday, Monday, Monday… time for an update! I spent a chunk of the Super Bowl readying my books to take to I <3 Books this coming Saturday. You can get all the info here: …  After the Super Bowl I spent a good portion of my time wallowing and drowning my sorrows in a giant … [Read more…]