The problem every writer wishes they could have… Until they don’t.

You remember when you were a young kid and you got to P.E. class and the gym teacher busted out those big ass rubber bouncy balls with the handles on top? The ride-able ones. Looked like this? (Photo courtesy of’s photo studio. It’s cool. I know people here… seriously.) Well in the last couple of … [Read more…]

Way to make me look all professional and S%&#!!!

As all of you probably know, technowidgetry is not exactly my strong suit. I write books. I write sexy books, I write characters and worlds in unbelievably fantastic ways but you put a laptop in front of me and tell me to make a picture or write some code… Yeah I’ll probably beat you to … [Read more…]

Monday Update 1/19/15!

Monday…Update!Books 1 – 3 of the SHMC series are officially in print! I’ve ordered a case of each for the seller’s event and can I just say? OWE, THAT HURT! You can find them either on Createspace or on Amazon via my author page. Here are the links for each, purely for your convenience, of … [Read more…]

So sorry! I’ve been neglectful over here!

Well Crap! It’s another Monday so I guess that means it’s time for another MONDAY UPDATE: So. Much. Happening. PRINT- Books 1, 2 & 3 are in the proofing stage. I should receive the proofs in the mail by Wednesday of this week and then I will go from there. 3.5 is in the capable … [Read more…]