Welcome to my differing opinion… Reviews.

So this whole thing with The Guardian and Kathleen Hale blew the fuck up like overnight and most if not all of you reading this have already heard/read/talked about it. For those of you that haven’t here is the TL;DR version: Crazy Reviewer reviewed, Author didn’t like. Author went even more crazy than the crazy … [Read more…]

I should probably say something…

It’s been around ten days since I’ve said anything on here. Oops. But not gonna lie, I’ve been super busy. Book IV (Tattered & Torn) is at the editor’s and like a nervous parent I’m waiting to hear back about this one. I had a lot going on inside these characters heads between the h … [Read more…]

Cleaning House

Took the time to clean some house over on good reads by combining the two editions of Broken & Burned into one and clarifying both Shattered & Scarred and Broken & Burned’s titles to include what order the books appear in the series. Additionally, added the as-yet-to-be-released title of Cracked & Crushed to my small but … [Read more…]