Writer’s advice… Love the contraction… be one with the contraction!

Now when I say contraction I’m speaking in the literary sense, meaning the shortening of a word or words. I’m not talking about going into labor here. I’m (see what I did there?) also talking about it, more specifically, as it applies to dialogue. One of the things I notice, and am extremely self conscious … [Read more…]

WTF over!?

So over the holiday weekend I took a break from writing/restructuring/proofreading/what have you and did some reading on some books and some forums and ran into something that, quite frankly, puzzled the hell out of me! In one particular forum there was a discussion about (and I’m paraphrasing the ever living shit out of this) how … [Read more…]

On a roll/Honor roll… Same difference.

I’ve been on a roll. In the last, roughly, two months I’ve completed and released Shattered & Scarred, I’ve completed Broken & Burned (SHMC Book II), put it through a first and second round of edits, put it through some extensive rewrites and sent it through a third round of edits (I think it’s about … [Read more…]